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161 NGC XF Antoninus Pius Roman Empire Denarius Consecratio Eagle (20120802C)

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  • Extremely Fine Antoninus Pius Roman Empire denarius coin, 3.32g RIC M429, RSC 154.

  • NGC Certified  to XF, colorfully toned. 

  • Historic issue authorized by Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus and the Roman Senate for the funeral and deification of their adopted father Antoninus Pius.   

  • Obverse: DIVVS ANTONINVS, bare head right.

  • Reverse: CONSECRATIO, eagle standing right with head left.

  • The Imperial cult of ancient Rome identified emperors and some members of their families with the divinely sanctioned authority (auctoritas) of the Roman State. Its framework was based on Roman and Greek precedents, and was formulated during the early Principate of Augustus. A deceased emperor held worthy of the honor could be voted a state divinity (divus) by the Senate and elevated as such in an act of apotheosis. The granting of apotheosis served religious, political and moral judgment on Imperial rulers and allowed living Emperors to associate themselves with a well-regarded lineage of Imperial divi from which unpopular or unworthy predecessors were excluded.