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161 NGC Ch VF Lucius Verus Roman Empire Denarius Providentia (20050104C)

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  • Dated Roman Empire silver denarius, 3.11g, minted Dec 161 to Dec 162 CE,  RSC 155, RIC 482.
  • Lucius Verus, Co-Emperor with Marcus Auelius.
  • Issued in conjunction with the departure of Verus to the Eastern Front.
  • Certified by NGC to Ch VF.
  • Obverse: IMP L AVREL VERVS AVG, bare head right.
  • Reverse: PROV DEOR TR P II COS II, Providentia standing left holding globe and cornucopia.
  • Providentia was the divine personification of the ability to foresee and make provision. She was among the embodiments of virtues that were part of the Imperial cult of ancient Rome. Providentia thus figures in art, cult, and literature.