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161 NGC Ch AU Star Roman Empire Marcus Aurelius Denarius Concordia 5/5 5/5 (19041601C)

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  • Roman Empire dated denarius coin, 18mm, 3.19g, minted 161 CE, RSC 30a, RIC 2 (variety).
  • Almost Uncirculated Marcus Aurelius denarius issued in his first year as Emperor.
  • Unusual obverse style with draped bare head, not in RIC. 
  • Certified by NGC to Ch AU* (star designation), Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5. Surfaces have some original luster.
  • The Star designation indicates that the coin has exceptional eye appeal, usually derived from some impressive aspect(s) of the strike, surface or style. 
  • Imperial titles: TRP XV, COS III correspond to the period from March to December 161 CE.
  • Obverse: IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, bare head facing right with drapery on far shoulder.
  • Reverse: CONCORD AVG TR P XV, COS III in ex., Concordia seated left holding patera and resting left arm on statue of Spes, cornucopia under seat.
  • Concordia was the Goddess who embodied agreement in marriage and between people within society.  This issue alludes to the harmony between Marcus Auelius and his Co-Emperor Lucius Verus.
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