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161 NGC Ch AU Faustina Jr Roman Empire Denarius Rare Venus Augustae Marcus Auelius 5/5 (22031702C)

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  • Choice Almost Uncirculated Empress Faustina Junior Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 3.40g, RIC 722 (rated as Rare), RSC 228.
  • Minted during her lifetime, 161 to 175 CE during the reign of her husband Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  • Mother to Emperor Commodus & Empress Lucilla.
  • NGC Certified to Ch AU, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5, very Rare maximum sub-grades.
  • Toned with underlying luster, detailed presentation of Venus, beautiful in hand.
  • Obverse: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust of empress with hair waived.
  • Reverse: VENERI AVGVSTAE, Venus veiled seated left holding Victory and spear.
  • Venus is the Goddess of love, affection, victory and prosperity. She was seen as the mother of Romans and Cupid was her son. Venus was a major Goddess of Rome and an integral part of religious life. Julius Caesar claimed to be connected to her direct lineage.
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