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150 NGC Ch AU Antoninus Pius Roman Empire Denarius Pietas Rare 5/5 (19040603C)

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  • Choice Almost Uncirculated Emperor Antoninus Pius Roman Empire dated silver denarius coin, 3.70g (heavy flan), issued 150-151 CE, RIC 197 (rated as Rare).
  • NGC Certified to Ch AU, Strike 5/5: Surface 5/5.
  • Superb detail, luster is present. 
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P XIIII, laureate head of emperor right. 
  • Reverse: COS IIII, Pietas standing right by altar holding hind by the neck and plate with fruits.
  • Pietas is the Goddess of duty, loyatly and piety. She is often depicted on Roman coins as a woman conducting a sacrifice by means of fire at an altar.