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148 NGC XF Antoninus Pius Roman Empire Denarius Salus Snake Rudder (24050902C)

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  • Extremely Fine Emperor Antoninus Pius Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Approx 18mm, RIC 181, RSC 281.
  • Dated TR POT XII = 148/9 CE.
  • NGC Certified to XF.
  • Attractive high grade example.
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P XII, laureate head of emperor facing right.
  • Reverse: COS IIII, Salus standing left feeding snake coiled around altar and holding rudder on globe.
  • Salus is an appropriate reverse type for this emperor as the Roman Empire experienced a period of peace, tranquility and prosperity.
  • Salus was the goddess of safety and welfare. Her temple on the Quirinal at Rome, dedicated in 302 BC, was the scene of an annual sacrifice on August 5.