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148 NGC MS Roman Empire Marcus Aurelius Caesar Denarius Proventia (19072001C)

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  • Dated Mint State Roman Empire silver denarius coin, 3.60g (heavy flan), minted 148/9 CE, RIC 446.
  • Dated: TR POT III COS II corresponds to 148 to 149 CE.
  • Caesar (Emperor in training) Marcus Aurelius denarius issued under the current Emperor Antoninus Pius. 
  • Certified by NGC to MS: Strike 4/5, Surface 5/5, considerable luster is present.
  • Obverse: AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, bare head right (with early stage facial hair).
  • Reverse: TR POT III COS II, Providentia standing left, resting arm on column and holding scepter, pointing to globe at feet.
  • Providentia is a divine personification of the ability to foresee and make provision. She was among the embodiments of virtues that were part of the Imperial cult of ancient Rome. Providentia figures in art, cult, and literature. 
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