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145 NGC Ch XF Marcus Aurelius Caesar Roman Empire Denarius Honos (19033102C)

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  • Roman Empire silver denarius issued 145/6 CE, RIC 429a.
  • Issued for Marcus Aurelius as Caesar under Emperor Antoninus Pius.
  • Superb portriat of this Prince and heir to the Empire. 
  • Certified by NGC to Ch XF, well struck and nicely detailed.
  • Obverse: AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, bare head right.
  • Reverse: Honos standing left, holding branch and cornucopia, COS II.
  • Honos or Honor was the Roman god personifying honor. He was closely associated with Virtus, the goddess of manliness, or bravery, and the two are frequently depicted together. Honos is typically shown wearing a chaplet of bay leaves, while Virtus is identified by her helmet.