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145 NGC XF Faustina Jr Roman Empire Denarius Wife Marcus Aurelius Concordia (21092101C)

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  • Extremely Fine Empress Faustina Jr. Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 3.19g RIC A502a, RSC 54.
  • Faustina Jr. was the wife of Marcus Aurelius.
  • This coin was struck during the reign of her Father, Emperor Antoninus Pius when Marcus Aurelius had the rank of Caesar.
  • Dated 145-161 CE from the period after her marriage to Marcus Aurelius up to the death of Antoninus Pius.
  • NGC Certified to XF,  Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5.
  • Obverse: FAVSTINA AVG PII AVG FIL, draped bust of empress.
  • Reverse: CONCORDIA, Concordia seated left holding flower, resting elbow on cornucopia, under chair is a globe.
  • In ancient Roman religion, Concordia is the goddess who embodies agreement in marriage and society. Her Greek equivalent is Harmonia, with musical harmony a metaphor for an ideal of social concord. As such, she is more closely related to the Greek concept of homonoia (like-mindedness), which was also represented by a goddess.
  • An appropriate type for this large Royal Family.