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140 NGC Ch AU Antoninus Pius Roman Empire Denarius Annona Modius 5/5 (20091703C)

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  • Choice Almost Uncirculated Emperor Antoninus Pius Roman Empire silver denarius coin, 3.71g (heavy flan), issued 140-143 CE, RIC 62a, RSC 33.
  • NGC Certified to Ch AU, Strike 5/5: Surface 5/5.
  • Superb detail, beautifully toned with luster. 
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P COS III, laureate head of emperor right. 
  • Reverse: ANNONA AVG, modius with grain ears and poppy extending from top.
  • The reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius is noted for peace and prosperity throughout the Roman Empire.
  • Modius with stalks of grain and poppy indicates the fertility of the Roman Empire and the Imperial liberality and providence in procuring, and in bestowing grain to the people of Rome.
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