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138 NGC Ch VF Faustina Sr Roman Empire Denarius Juno Peacock Lifetime (22031301C)

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  • Empress Faustina Senior Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 3.13g, RIC 338, RSC 215.  
  • Very scarce "lifetime" issue, struck between 138 to 140/1 CE, authorized by her husband Emperor Antoninus Pius.
  • Reverse features the Juno & peacock.
  • Certified by NGC to Ch VF. 
  • Obverse: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust right with hair waved and coiled.
  • Reverse: IVNONI REGINAE, Juno veiled standing left, holding patera and scepter, a peacock at her feet.
  • Juno was the patron goddess of Rome and the Roman Empire. Juno was called Regina ("Queen") and was a member of the Capitoline Triad (Juno Capitolina), centered on the Capitoline Hill in Rome, and also including Jupiter, and Minerva, goddess of wisdom. Juno is most famous for her role as the goddess of marriage and childbirth.