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138 NGC AU Antoninus Pius Roman Empire Denarius COS DES II Aequitas (21082104C)

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  • Emperor Antoninus Pius Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Struck at Rome during late 138 CE, 3.05g, RIC 10, RSC 78B.
  • Aequitas rendered in superb style! 
  • NGC Certified to AU, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5. 
  • Rare transitional dating: COS DES II reverse legend.
    • Obverse: IMP T AEL CAES HADRI ANTONINVS, laureate bust drapery far shoulder.
    • Reverse: AVG PIVS P M TR P COS DES II, Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopiae.
    • Aequitas was the goddess of fair trade and honest merchants. She is depicted with a cornucopia, representing wealth from commerce and a balance representing equity and fairness.