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132 NGC AU Hadrian Denarius Roman Empire Indulgentia Fine Style Pedigree (19010403C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Roman Empire Denarius, 2.84g, issued 132-134 CE, RIC 212.

  • NGC Certified to AU, Fine Style, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5.

  • Pedigree: Ex. Victor England (precursor to CNG) fixed price list Jan 1985, with card. 

  • Beautifully toned with lustrous surfaces with rare obverse variety showing aegis with medusa. 

  • Obverse: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, draped laureate bust right with aegis and medusa head on chest.

  • Reverse: INDVLGENTIA AVG, in ex. COS III PP, Indulgentia seated left, extending right hand and holding scepter.

  • Indulgentia is the personnification of indulgence and mercy. Her attributes are a patera and sceptre.