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126 NGC Ch VF Hadrian Denarius Roman Empire Rare Crescent 7 Stars Septentriones Arrow (23042503C)

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  • Very Fine Emperor Hadrian (117-138 CE) Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 18mm, 3.34g, issued 126 to 127 CE, RIC 202, RSC 466.
  • Very rare arrangement of seven stars (Septentriones) in arrow formation, sometimes seen on Eastern mint denarii, but the style is that of Rome.
  • NGC Certified to Ch VF. 
  • Obverse: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, laureate bust right, drapery on far shoulder.
  • Reverse: COS IIISeven stars within and above crescent moon. 
  • Latin Septentriones refers to the seven stars in Ursa Major that make up the Big Dipper, or sometimes to the seven stars in Ursa Minor that comprise the Little Dipper.