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125 NGC Ch XF Hadrian Roman Empire Denarius Hercules Club Shield 5/5 5/5 (21091501C)

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  • Choice Extremely Fine Emperor Hadrian Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 3.39g, issued 125-128 CE, RIC 150, RSC 329.
  • NGC Certified to Ch XF: Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5, very rare maximum subgrades.
  • Some luster.
  • Superb reverse details of Hercules, club, shield & cuirass, worthy of a "star" designation.
  • Obverse: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, draped laureate bust right.
  • Reverse: COS III, Hercules seated left on cuirass, holding club which rests on shield, and distaff, a helmet to the right of shield.
  • In ancient Roman religion and myth, Hercules was venerated as a divinized hero and incorporated into the legends of Rome's founding. The Romans adapted Greek myths and the iconography of Heracles into their own literature and art, but the hero developed distinctly Roman characteristics.
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