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119 Hadrian NGC AU Roman Empire Denarius War Galley Ship Rowing 5/5 4/5 (19040601C)

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  • Roman Empire denarius, 3.00g, RSC 1174b, RIC 113v (does not list draped bust variety). 
  • NGC Certified to AU, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5, attractive cabinet toning.
  • Naval theme with War Galley rowing left.
  • Minted A.D. 119 to 122 CE. 
  • Obverse: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, draped laureate head right.
  • Reverse: P M TR P COS III, War Galley rowing left with rowers and mast.
  • During the early Roman Empire, there was little naval activity, with it predominantly being used to transport soldiers and protect trade routes from pirates. However, it did play a significant role in numerous campaigns, for example, Trajan's conquests in Dacia. This was a common theme throughout the Roman Empire; the navy played a supporting role in many of Rome's land-based conflicts.
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