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114 NGC XF Trajan Laodicea Ad Mare AE26 Tyche Bust Fortuna (21012203C)

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  • Dated Extremely Fine Emperor Trajan Laodicea Ad Mare AE26 coin.
  • Roman Provincial coinage, approx 26mm, 10.42g, toned.
  • Minted for Emperor Trajan from 114 to 115 CE.
  • Sear Greek Imperial Coins 1080.
  • Certified by NGC to XF Adjusted Flan (adjusted during the minting process to control final coin weight).
  • Obverse: ΑΥΤΟΚΡ ΝЄΡ ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟС ΑΡΙСΤ ΚΑΙС СЄΒ ΓЄΡ ΔΑΚ. Laureate head right.
  • Reverse: ΙΟΥΛΙЄѠΝ ΤѠΝ ΚΑΙ ΛΑΟΔΙΚЄѠΝ BΞΡ (date). Turreted and veiled bust of Tyche right.
  • Tyche was the goddess of chance, with whom the Roman Fortuna was later identified; a capricious dispenser of good and ill fortune.