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112 Trajan NGC Ch XF* Denarius Roman Empire Superb Style Providentia 5/5 4/5 (18092004CZ)

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  • Roman Empire silver denarius, 3.21 g, RIC --, RSC 313b, minted 112 to 117 AD (COS VI). 
  • NGC certified Ch XF Star, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5.
  • The Star designation  indicates that the coin has exceptional eye appeal, usually derived from some impressive aspect(s) of the strike, surface or style.
  • Superb obverse style with Aegis on far shoulder and snake rising upwards (very rare variant with only 1 example in RD hoard). 
  • Figure of Providentia unusually detailed with facial features; Providentia is the Goddess of forethought and personification of the ability to foresee.
  • Obverse: IMP CAES NER TRAIAN OPTIM AVG GER DAC, laureate head right, Aegis on left shoulder, with  bare chest
  • Reverse: PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI P P SPQR, PRO VID across field. Providentia standing left with sceptre and globe.