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106 NGC XF Trajan Roman Empire Denarius Arabia Camel Unpublished Portrait (21032101C)

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  • Extremely Fine Emperor Trajan Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • 19mm, RIC 142 var, RSC 89b var, Foss 46a attributed to 106 CE.
  • Superb obverse portrait style, apparently unpublished variety with draped cuirassed bust half seen from the front.
  • Important commemorative issue to celebrate the annexation of Arabia to the Roman Empire.
  • The Province was known as Arabia Petraea (modern southern Jordan and north west Saudi Arabia).
  • Certified by NGC to XF.
  • Obverse: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TR P, draped cuirassed bust half seen from the front. 
  • Reverse: COS V P P SPQR OPTIMO PRINC. Arabia standing left holding branch & bundle of sticks (cinnamon?), at her feet a camel walking left.
  • Arabia was the personification of the Roman Province of Arabia Petraea.
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