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103 Trajan Roman Empire Denarius Dacian Pax Historic Victory NGC AU (19092502C)

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    • Roman Empire silver denarius, 3.32g, RIC 188, RSC 417, minted 103 to 111 CE. 

    • NGC certified AU, detailed Imperial portrait and presentation of Pax & Dacian.

    • Historic emmission to celebrate Trajan's military victory and Triumph over the Dacians.

    • Obverse: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TR P COS V P P, laureate head right with drapery on left shoulder. 

    • Reverse: SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI. Pax seated left holding branch and scepter, a kneeling Dacian at her feet.

    • The Goddess Pax was the personification of peace.