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1932 NGC MS 63 BRAZIL Silver 2000 Reis Coin Discovery John III (17042204C)

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  • Silver coin, part of the "Discovery" series of commemorative coins minted in 1932
  • Celebrates the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil by Europeans 
  • Features bust of Portugal's King John III
  • During his rule, Portuguese possessions were extended in Asia and in the New World through the Portuguese colonization of Brazil
  • John III's policy of reinforcing Portugal's bases in India (such as Goa) secured Portugal's monopoly over the spice trade of cloves and nutmeg from the Maluku Islands, as a result of which John III has been called the "Grocer King"
  • On the eve of his death in 1557, the Portuguese empire spanned almost 1 billion acres (about 4 million square kilometers)