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1689 James II Ireland Shilling February Gun Money Rebellion Coin (19062902C)

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  • February 1689 James II Ireland large size shilling Gunmoney coin issued during his rebellion after the "Glorious Revolution" of William and Mary.  Cannon and scrap metal used for the metal in these coins, ergo the name "gun-money". The month of minting is stated on this coinage.
  • S6581N, with colon after Feb.
  • Obverse: laureate head of James facing left, IACOBVS II DEI GRATIA.
  • Reverse: Crown with crossed scepters flanked by J R, above XII (12 pence = shilling) and below the month of issue Feb:, MAG BR FRA ET HIB REX 1689.
  • Some residue in coin devices.